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Registration is open for the 7th Safe & Together™ Model North America Conference: Domestic Violence & Children — November 13-15, 2019



The implementation of the Safe & Together Model in child welfare family serving systems has grown exponentially in the last two years throughout North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. This conference is a chance to learn what’s new, how it’s working and who has been making it work. From new workers to seasoned professionals with years of experience, the goal of the Safe & Together Conference is to transform thinking to achieve real change for children and families. In fact, as one 2018 attendee said, “All my years in social work and this conference was so eye-opening.”

Participating in the Annual Safe & Together Model Conference each year means:

  • Becoming part of the growing team of international practitioners moving away from the status quo and making big changes where systems have failed families.
  • Hearing directly from colleagues working in the field rather than of academic theories.
  • Leaving with concrete strategies that can improve safety for adult and child survivors of domestic violence.
  • Hearing directly from survivors themselves.

Returning to Safe & Together Institute’s touchstone event means:

Access to the newest material, such as:

  • Advanced practice on Intersections.
  • Worker safety assessment tool.
  • And a deeper discussion on the intersectionality of culture.

Sharing lessons learned in moving the field forward, such as:

  • How child protection is the epicenter of systems change & community collaboration.
  • How specialists like advocates and subject matter experts create to DV-Informed systems.

A successful conference is one that:

  • Offers new insights and approaches to child-centered domestic violence-informed work.
  • Provides participants a chance to connect with professionals from around the globe to share ideas that could spark change in their day-to-day practice.
  • Highlights the domestic violence survivor’s voice.

This year’s Keynote Speaker, survivor, author of Remembered Forever and activist Luke Hart, gets to the heart of the matter as he speaks about his own experience and how the media and society presented his family after his father murdered his sister and mother.

Join us as we focus on how advocates, subject matter experts and domestic violence consultants have transformed child welfare systems, sparked drastic changes in case practice and created sustainable staff training. Our Plenary Panel session will include professionals who have been leaders in their child welfare systems, but did not have the ‘leadership’ title. Featuring a Co-Located Advocate, Domestic Violence-Consultant, Perpetrator Intervention Consultant and an Advocate Supervisor, this session will talk about the various ways a few DV-informed professionals can have a huge impact.

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Keynote Speaker

Luke Hart
Luke HartSurvivor, Author, Advocate
On 19 July 2016, Claire and Charlotte Hart were murdered in broad daylight, by the family’s father using a sawn-off shotgun. He then committed suicide. Luke and Ryan Hart, the two surviving sons, now openly share their story to raise awareness of coercive and controlling behaviour. So far, they have trained police officers, police community support officers, NHS personnel and legal professionals in the Crown Prosecution Service. They are White Ribbon Ambassadors and Refuge Champions speaking out against male violence towards women and children. They have released their book Operation Lighthouse, telling their story and challenging myths and stereotypes surrounding domestic abuse and coercive control.

Luke’s keynote, “Living under coercive control” sheds light on what it’s like to live under coercive control, and the gendered nature of coercive control and it’s larger structural enablers. In particular, Luke gives insight into the media reporting he and his brother witnessed after the murders of their mother and Charlotte and how this echoed their father’s coercive narratives.

For more about Luke’s story and his fight for coercive control understanding, check out the social media links above.


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