Submitting a Presentation Proposal

The Safe & Together Institute is currently calling for breakout presentation/workshop proposals for the 7th Annual Safe & Together Conference in Denver, Colorado being held November 13-15, 2019.

Each year, the goal of this conference is to improve our approach to child safety and wellbeing when domestic violence is involved. These three days will bring together professionals from around the globe making meaningful and sustainable changes toward domestic violence-informed systems and improving day-to-day practice.

Our focus this year will be on highlighting the work being done by co-located advocates, subject matter experts, domestic violence consultants and other specialist positions that have been bridging the gap between child welfare and domestic violence competency. However, we are looking to fill the agenda with a variety of workshops and presentations that could address any of the following general categories:

  • Site presentations. Any community or agency that has been implementing the Safe & Together Model and would like to discuss their successes, challenges and/or strategy in making the shift.
  • DV-Informed Practice: This includes topics that address child safety and wellbeing in the context of domestic violence that run parallel to the Safe & Together value system.
  • Safe & Together Model: If you are a Certified Trainer and would like to workshop a particular topic or skill from the Safe & Together Model.

Key Dates.

  • Please be available to present either November 14 or 15, 2019 in Denver, CO.
  • Deadline for proposal is August 17, 2019.
  • Notification of acceptance will be sent by August 31, 2019. All proposal presenters will be contacted at that time.

Workshop length. 

  • 75-minute presentations (including time for Q&)
  • If the material warrants further discussion, two 75-minute sessions could be considered.

About the Audience.

The conference audience includes child welfare front-line workers, supervisors, managers/administrators; child welfare attorneys; domestic violence advocates, counselors, administrators; policy makers; researchers; Guardians ad Litem, CASAs; home visitors; mental health and substance abuse professionals; fatherhood program staff; and batterer intervention providers.

Submission Criteria.

  • All presenters must be experienced in or have some grasp of the Safe & Together Model’s principles and critical components.
  • Collaborative presentations are welcome (please limit the number of presenters to 3).
  • Presenters will be asked to submit a resume.
  • If Site Presentation, submissions will be expected to include the following key areas:
    • A description of training received in the Safe & Together Model
    • A description of how the Safe & Together Model has been applied to policy, practice and/or community collaboration
    • The lessons learned, including formal evaluation data
  • If DV-Informed Practice, submissions will be expected to include the following areas:
    • Which of the Safe & Together Model principles and/or components are being addressed by this topic.
    • A description of how this topic can support child welfare and domestic violence practitioners in their work.
    • Lessons learned and/or formal evaluation data.

Selection Review Criteria. Proposals will be reviewed based on the following points:

  • Clarity of understanding of the Safe & Together Model
  • Unique, creative and/or well established implementation of the Safe & Together Model
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Fidelity implementation strategies
  • Use of Safe & Together to improve cross system collaboration
  • Inclusion of qualitative and/or quantitative data on implementation
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