Amy Cook, Event Coordinator

Amy Cook began at Safe & Together Institute in November 2018 as the Event Coordinator. She assists with the planning and execution of the North American, European and Asia Pacific Conferences, as well as Safe & Together Model™ Trainings in the US, the UK and Australia. Amy also coordinates the registration process for Partner Agencies within the Certified Trainer Expansion Program and assists with the dissemination of training evaluations. Amy began her career in Human Services and Education. She was a juvenile justice care worker for the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS), then a special educator for students with severe disabilities. In both positions, Amy seemed to gravitate toward working in the event realm.

Amy volunteered as the dance educator at the DYS residential program, organizing dance recitals for the young women in the program to perform for their parents, program staff, and DYS executive staff. As a special educator she planned weekly trips to the local library and YMCA with programming designed to integrate her students with special needs into the community. These early professional experiences guided Amy to her chosen field of work, Event Coordination. For 8 years prior to coming on board with Safe & Together, she worked in the health and wellness field, planning and executing continuing education seminars for holistic health care practitioners. The philosophy of the Safe & Together Institute is 100% in line with Amy’s personal values. She is ready to do her part to carry out the S&TI mission and galvanize others into action!

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