Shanequa Whicker

Shanequa Whicker

Shanequa Whicker has been with the Safe & Together Institute since 2020 as the Events and Logistics Registrar. Her professional experience includes over 7 years as an administrative and executive administrative assistant in which she planned events, managed people, and worked in program management.

She has volunteered with organizations in the SF Bay area that serve sensitive people groups, which include SF City Impact where she supported the homeless community of San Francisco. She volunteered with Alternatives in Actions based out of Oakland, helping rebuild schools and speaking to at-risk youth about their options for life after college and encouraging them that their current life didn’t have to be their future life. Working with Because Justice Matters, she spent time with and encouraged battered women and helped women from countries feel loved in their new U.S. home. Shanequa has had a heart from domestic abuse victims since childhood and was actively involved in adopting her two sisters who came from a background of abuse. She is a domestic abuse survivor herself and is deeply grateful to serve survivors and allies.


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