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We are dedicated to advancing inquiry, knowledge, practice and collaboration related to a perpetrator pattern-based approach in the intersection of domestic violence and children.

We value creative and thoughtful blogs from all of our expert partners, clients and practitioners. If you have a story to tell or an idea to share, we want to hear it! Add your voice and experiences to the conversation while also increasing your exposure in the industry.

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How to Contribute

Submit your blog idea to After review, we will contact you with further instructions once your blog has been accepted.

Criteria for Blogs

Want to contribute your experience to the discussion? Great! Blogs must meet the following criteria:

  • Brevity is the soul of clarity. While blog posts can be any length, we recommend 800-1500 words. Please be concise, clear and focused on one story or idea.
  • Be compelling. Content needs to be relevant and consistent with the Safe & Together Institute approach. We encourage submissions in the following areas:
    • The application of the Safe & Together Model™, including personal experiences with the model
    • Efforts to create domestic violence-informed child welfare systems
    • Ideas and concepts that advance the application of perpetrator pattern-based approach to diverse populations
    • Addressing gender double standards in work with families
    • Batterer intervention/men’s behavior change programming that focuses on perpetrators as parents
    • The impacts of a perpetrator’s behavior on child and family functioning
  • Use professional standards. Be mindful of confidentiality as it relates to any specific case examples you might share.
  • Maybe add a video! For video submissions:
    • Only submissions with good video quality will be considered.
    • Video should be no longer than five minutes in length.
    • Same content suggestions for a written submission apply.
  • Safe & Together Institute reserves the right to edit all submissions for content and length.


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