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30 & 31 July 2019 — 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM each day

Arrival Time

Please arrive at 8:45 am on both Days 1 & 2 for registration — tea and coffee on arrival


Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided


Paid parking available on Delhi Street or at Watertown

Walking distance from Yellow and Green Cat Bus stops and City West Train Station.

Cost Breakdown

AUD $230 registration fee + AUD $24.42 GST + AUD $14.24 Eventbrite fees

Training materials and catering included in the cost


Sharon Tanner
Executive Assistant
Stopping Family Violence

About the Safe & Together™ Model Supervisor 2-day Training

In this updated, in-person training, supervisors and managers learn key skills to help their workers apply a perpetrator pattern-based approach to casework. The training is organized into three critical supervisory skills:

  1. Assessing and supporting the quality of their workers’ practice
  2. Decision making and worker guidance
  3. Managing worker safety

Supervisors will learn and practice hands-on skills and techniques that will make a difference in their own practice.

The 2-day training is designed for practitioners who have completed Safe & Together™ Model CORE Training and are ready to incorporate the techniques and knowledge into their supervisory role. We recommend that supervisors not only have a deep familiarity with the Model but also use it in day-to-day practice within the agency, department or unit.

As a result of this training, the participants will be better able to:

  • Describe how to apply the principles and key concepts of the Safe & Together™ Model to supervise worker practice.
  • Use a coaching framework to provide DV-informed supervision of worker’s practice.
  • Support worker skill development, address worker safety concerns and provide DV-informed case guidance and decisions.
  • Have better awareness and skills to address worker emotional and physical safety issues that have implications for DV-informed practice and family outcomes.
  • Have increased skill and confidence to assess and develop a worker’s skills when practicing domestic violence-informed assessment, interviewing, documentation and case planning.
  • Better provide DV-informed guidance to workers and make case decisions.

Training Highlights

This training fills a major and important gap in professional education related to working with families. Many initiatives only provide generic training on this subject. Training is tailored to the needs of supervisors and managers.

The sessions:

  • Keep in alignment with our Safe & Together™ Model trainings and are very skills- and practice-oriented.
  • Allow supervisors to uniquely tailor the Safe & Together™ Model to their specific supervisory tasks.
  • Provide supervisors with the skills needed to implement a coaching approach to supervision that empowers and gets better results from their staff.

Why take a Domestic Violence-informed Training Specifically for Supervisors?

Most child welfare and other human service professionals have received little to no training or education related to supervising domestic violence. Why is this training important?

  • Supervisors are the front-line decision makers in most cases.
  • Supervisors act as coaches to their workers, particularly new workers. Skills and habits are often heavily shaped by supervision.
  • Supervisors have an important quality assurance role to play, reviewing and guiding their workers’ practice.
  • Supervisors influence the decisions of their managers through the information they share and the concerns they raise.
  • Supervisors have a responsibility to monitor and manage the safety of their workers.

Target Audience

  • Child Welfare Supervisors
  • Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health and other community service providers’ supervisors
  • Men’s Behavior Change Supervisors
  • Court and Legal Personnel
  • Health and Home Visitor Supervisors
  • Anyone working with families impacted by domestic violence