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COVID-19 related blogs, podcasts, webinars, resources and support

During this time of crisis, adapting our work with families impacted by perpetrators’ behaviors is a critical task. The Safe & Together Institute is committed to doubling its efforts during this time to provide critical and useful information and virtual options for training and support.

New Safe & Together Resources

COVID-19 Quick Guide: Designed primarily for Safe & Together Model trained practitioners to use with our Perpetrator Pattern Mapping tool, this COVID-19-specific practice document includes:

  • General tips related to understanding domestic violence perpetration in the context of COVID-19 pandemic
  • Perpetrator pattern mapping tips in the context of the current crisis
  • A COVID-19 specific danger checklist to be used in combination with Safe & Together training and mapping tool

Safe & Together offers multiple free resources – from research to videos here.

Safe & Together in a time of Crisis:
Facebook “5 minute” Live Stream Series

David Mandel, Executive Director of the Safe & Together Institute, offers a series of live streams on the Safe & Together Institute Facebook page. The series is designed to provide support and information to our Facebook community during these challenging, fast moving times – including topics like “Partnering with survivors in a time of crisis and isolation” and “custody, access and domestic violence.” Catch past videos and tune in here.

Virtual Support Groups for Practitioners

Join us for the Safe & Together Institute Virtual Practice Support Group, a special four-week series. Practitioners need domestic violence-informed targeted support and guidance in this time of crisis. One of our Safe & Together Institute staff or faculty will facilitate a 45-minute informal discussion about practice during this challenging time. The virtual discussion group will allow you an opportunity to:

  • Hear about specific Safe & Together Model practice considerations related to the current COVID-19 context
  • Gain support from colleagues across your region and the world
  • Share information about what you are learning from working with families during this period

Sign up for scheduled virtual support groups here.

The Safe & Together Institute, an international leader in distance learning in the domestic abuse and welfare fields, is proud to announce the launch of its Virtual Academy. With the goal of supporting domestic violence-informed practice and organizational change in this time of uncertainty, we are dramatically expanding our ability to teach, train and build community online.  Using a powerful yet intuitive platform, our Virtual Academy connects learners all over the world with many familiar social media functions and a wider catalog of courses including those specific to COVID-19 and domestic abuse and virtual working. See Courses.

COVID-related Blogs


1203, 2020

Episode 10, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast

Episode 10, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast with Ruth Stearns Mandel & David Mandel About Episode 10: Lived Experience Episode with Ryan Hart and the Y Change Team, Berry Street Ruth & David talk to the Lived Experience Experts highlighted at our third Annual Asia Pacific Conference in partnership with Berry Street. We were honored to hear and reflect on the experiences and recommendations for systems change by the Y Change Experts [...]

1203, 2020

Episode 9, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast

Episode 9, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast with Ruth Stearns Mandel & David Mandel About Episode 9: "My daughter is being abused and I don't know what to say:" The friends and family episode In this episode, Ruth & David discuss how family and friends can be effective allies to loved ones living in abuse. Victims often first disclose to friends and family members. Even with the desire to be supportive, kin [...]

1203, 2020

Episode 8, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast

Episode 8, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast with Ruth Stearns Mandel & David Mandel About Episode 8: Male Parental Development and how Father's Parenting Choices Matter In this episode of "Partnered with a Survivor," Ruth and David start their Sunday morning with a discussion of male parental development, a concept that David coined to help professionals work more effectively with men and families. Societies fail in many ways in home we prepare [...]

General Resources for Professionals and Survivors

To support professionals and families access to resources during the pandemic, we are listing some key links. This will be updated periodically.