Safe & Together In Action

Safe & Together is for practitioners across many different jurisdictions, in different aspects of the system. From judicial bench cards and guidebooks to co-location efforts, Safe & Together spurs system change and community healing.

The Connecticut Judicial Guidebook

The Connecticut Judicial Branch Guidebook, written by Safe & Together, brings professionals associated with the juvenile court process (Court Service Officers and other court staff, attorneys, mental health providers, therapists, Guardians ad Litem and others) information and guidance related to domestic violence.

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The Ohio Supreme Court Bench Card

The Ohio Supreme Court Bench Card was developed after the Ohio Supreme Court worked to support the implementation of the Safe & Together™ Model in state social work. In further work, Ohio has used Safe & Together to enhance Differential Response.

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New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence continues to support co-location efforts. Safe & Together provides training to co-located advocates in New York, as well as promotes collaboration between co-located advocates and Child Protective Services.

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Child Protective Services Practice Guides

Child Protective Services practice guides for Michigan, Oregon and Colorado focus on the Safe & Together back-to-basics approach and facts and behaviors integrated with numerous methods.

Guides for Integrating the Safe & Together™ Model

Integration tools from Oregon and Florida guide workers on how to bring Safe & Together, with the Six Domains approach, to child protection risk assessment frameworks.

Safe & Together works closely with agencies to reduce “model fatigue” and support effective implementation by helping them integrate the Model with existing priority initiatives. The MiTEAM Practice Model in Michigan as well as the Critical Thinking Framework in DC or Structured Decision Making in multiple jurisdictions are examples of such.

Companion Document:  The Safe & Together Model & Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programs

Our Companion Document serves as an orientation to the connections between the Safe & Together Model and domestic abuse perpetrator behavior change programs. It specifically focuses on Scotland’s Caledonian System as an example of an internationally-recognized perpetrator program that engages in an all-family approach that mirrors key values and practices in the Safe & Together Model.


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