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All posters are 11″ x 17″ and professionally printed. Online purchasing is highly secure and uses the industry-recognized Paypal to process all orders (No Paypal account is necessary. You can now use your credit card for all items). To order a specific poster, simply select the poster’s “Add to Cart” button and specify the quantity that you want to purchase. Use the “View Cart” button to review or edit your selections. Before ordering, please read the important information below.

  • DMA offers volume discounts. For orders online, we will credit you 5% for more than 100 posters, 10% for more than 250 posters, and 15% for more than 500 posters.
  • Due to the packaging needed for each type of item, poster orders will be shipped separately from Safe & Together cards and magnet orders, and separate shipping costs will apply.
  • For more than 250 posters and international orders please contact us directly to determine shipping costs.

Order Customized Posters

Add your own custom tag line, agency name, contact number, or how someone can get help for their abusive behavior to our standard posters.

Customized posters are priced at $6.00 each with a minimum quantity of fifty (50) for ordering. Select the Custom Poster button (to right) to contact DMA for details and schedule information.

Please email us to order custom posters.

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What is your son reaching for? Give him a strong foundation for his future by treating his mother with respect. (English)

$5 ea.

¿Qué es lo que tu hijo desea? Brindale una base firma para su futuro tratando a su madre con respeto. (Spanish)

$5 ea.

If you drink and get violent you have two problems. (English)

$5 ea.

Si usted bebe y se comporta violentamente, tiene dos problemas. (Spanish)

$5 ea.

You love your daughter. Treat her mother with respect. (English)

$5 ea.

Amas a tu hija. Comienza por ser un padre que trata a su madre con respeto. (Spanish)

$5 ea.

She’s not your property. Respect her. (English)

$5 ea.

No es de tu propiedad. Respétala. (Spanish)

$5 ea.

What does your child feel when you abuse her mother? (English)

$5 ea.

¿Cómo crees que se siente tu niña…Asustada, Triste, Confundida…? (Spanish)

$5 ea.
 st_cards Safe & Together™ Cards Help support staff learning and sustainability of the Safe & Together Model in the field, in meetings and in supervision or share with community partners. 4”x6”, glossy, full-color cards with the Safe & Together Principles and Critical Components printed on front and back. Sold in packets of 50.

Click here to order.

.50 ea
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