The International Center for Innovation in Domestic Violence Practice (ICIDVP) is a project of David Mandel & Associates design to promote emerging trends, best practices and innovations in domestic violence practice.


The ICIDVP’s mission is to research, incubate, develop and implement innovative ideas and sustainable practices to reduce and end domestic violence and child maltreatment.  ICIDVP is committed to advancing domestic violence practice at the individual, organizational and community level through partnerships with researchers, practitioners and policy makers. We are devoted to support our partners; from individual practitioners, community agencies and collaborations to government organizations; achieve their mission to improve the lives of children and families.

The foundations of ICIDVP Practice Innovations

  • A powerful and clear formulation of how domestic violence perpetrators harm children and families
  • Top to bottom transformational expertise
  • Commitment to partnership and collaboration
  • Translation of domestic violence expertise and knowledge for child focused systems and professions
  • A strengths based, trauma informed approach to system and practitioner growth, and improved family outcomes
  • A commitment to gender responsive approach to domestic violence
  • A commitment to sustainability and implementation fidelityICIDVP Practice Innovations

ICIDVP Practice Innovations

Safe and Together Model Suite of Tools and Interventions

The Safe and Together model suite of tools and interventions allows an individual, agency, community, state or nation to move towards becoming domestic violence-informed at its own pace, based on its needs, goals and resources.

Continuum of Domestic Violence Practice (CODVP)

CODVP is a framework for analyzing child welfare systems practice and policy in cases involving domestic violence and for creating domestic violence informed child welfare systems.  The CODVP provides the foundation for policy and practice enhancements toward a strengths-based system, guided quality reviews, skills training and technical assistance packages. The continuum helps child welfare systems transform themselves from “domestic violence destructive, incapacity, blindness or pre-competence” to “domestic violence competence and proficiency.”

SafeEngagement/FathersPlus for home visitors, fatherhood programs and others

SafeEngagement/FathersPlus is our training and technical assistance package based on the premise that high parenting expectations offers a way to integrate concerns about domestic violence with support for men as fathers. This includes:

  • VAEA model for engaging mothers and fathers around fathers as parents and our “Being Connected” father involvement curriculum
  • Training and technical assistance for home visiting programs on safe engagement with fathers
  • Domestic violence training and technical assistance for fatherhood programs

Perpetrator Accountability and Change (PAC)

This practice innovation area includes training for adult probation and others in the criminal justice system with a heavy focus on children impacted by perpetrators’ behavior. Our “Dedication model” is geared toward training batterer intervention program facilitators and service delivery design for batterer intervention programs with a strong focus on perpetrators as parents.

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