Centacare Catholic Family Services (South Australia) launched their National Child Protection Week (Sept 6-12) events around the theme of domestic violence perpetration is a parenting choice. The kickoff event, whose theme was inspired by David Mandel’s April 2015 two-day Safe and Together training for Centacare staff, was keynoted by 11 minute video on “Domestic Violence Perpetration is a Parenting Choice.” The video, produced by David Mandel & Associates for the Centacare event, features  David Mandel speaking about the ideas and practices associated with this concept. In the video David talks about how moving away from a “failure to protect” paradigm requires viewing domestic violence perpetration as a parenting choice. He discusses how this idea combines perpetrator accountability with high standards for fathers and helps bridge the gap between child abuse and neglect and domestic violence.

David’s visit to South Australia last April also inspired Centacare to forge a partnership with Port Power, one of the local Australian Football League teams, around the issue of domestic violence. This partnership means that Centacare will be working with the players, training them around the issue of domestic violence. Centacare will work with them in schools, holding father-son evenings where the players will talk about domestic violence and the perpetrator’s responsibility. The partnership also includes digital displays at the oval (50,000 fans watching) at half time on the huge scoreboard, with scenarios played out about domestic violence perpetration as a parenting choice.

View the video, Domestic Violence Perpetration is a Parenting Choice: https://youtu.be/hNS9RYAB5TY

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