About the Model

The Safe and Together Model Suite of Tools and Interventions is a perpetrator pattern based, child centered, survivor strengths approach to working with domestic violence.  Developed originally for child welfare systems, it has policy and practice implications for a variety of professionals and systems including domestic violence advocates, family service providers, courts, evaluators, domestic violence community collaboratives and others.   The behavioral focus of the model highlights the “how” of the work, offering practical and concrete changes in practice.  The model has a growing body of evidence associated with it including recent correlations with a reduction in out of home placements in child welfare domestic violence cases.


The suite includes:

  • Keynotes and conference presentations
  • Training and coaching packages
  • Practice Tools
  • Data, research and policy consultation
  • Cross system collaboration packages
  • Service delivery design
  • Safe and Together model online learning courses
  • Safe and Together model institutes and certification

Each of these items can stand-alone or can be packaged together in various configurations to achieve maximize sustainable system change and transformation. Elements of the suite contain implementation fidelity checks.  The strengths based training and coaching methodology used to deliver the Safe and Together model suite is based on a commitment to our clients’ mission, practitioner well-being and high practice standards.





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