Statewide Implementation Model Examples

What it looks like in Ohio….

Ohio IPV Collaborative Graphic

Since 2010, 14 counties have been trained in the Safe and Together model using a 14-17 day training program that includes frontline worker training, supervisor training, advocate training, community partner training and technical assistance days. To make this training available to all 88 Ohio counties, the state has implemented a “certified trainer” model using 12 local CPS and DV advocate staff. These “certified Safe and Together model trainers” have completed the initial training, received additional train the trainer experiences, and are being closely supported and supervised by DMA staff.  Operating under the project title of the Ohio IPV Collaborative, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (their CPS state agency), the Ohio Supreme Court, the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, the National Center for Adoption Law and Policy (in Columbus, OH) and other partners have worked together to support the expanded implementation of the Safe and Together model.

What it looks like in Connecticut….

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families has been using the Safe and Together model and its precursor to enhance its social work practice since 1996. Starting with pre-service training, then expanding to training of all new investigators and others, the model was eventually applied to statewide case consultation. From 2006 -2013, full time co-located domestic violence consultants, trained in the Safe and Together model, were placed in every CPS office. In addition, David Mandel & Associates has delivered statewide training for child welfare community partners and agencies as well as training for probation, court personnel, corrections staff and others. In 2014, Connecticut’s Judicial Branch will be releasing guidebook related to domestic violence practice in Juvenile Court that integrates Safe and Together model key concepts.   Connecticut’s Children’s Trust Fund is also working with David Mandel & Associates to provide on-going statewide domestic violence and responsible fatherhood training for home visitors with an emphasis on safe engagement of fathers.

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