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The “Creating Domestic  Violence-Informed Child Welfare Systems” blog is dedicated to the advancement of inquiry, knowledge, practice  and collaboration related to a perpetrator pattern-based approach to the intersection domestic violence and children.  It includes posts by Safe and Together Institute staff, and guest blog posts from partners, Safe and Together Model sites and other guest writers.

We’re looking for contributors who have something to add to the discussion on creating domestic violence-informed child welfare systems. In order for submissions to the Creating “Domestic Violence-Informed Child WelfareSystems” blog to be considered, they need to meet the following criteria:

  1. While blog posts can be any length, 800-1500 words is a good target length.  Please be concise, clear and focused on one story or idea.
  2. Content needs to be relevant and consistent with the Safe and Together Institute  approach.   We encourage submissions in the following areas. We are very open to suggestions or ideas for other blog posts.
    1. The application of the Safe and Together Model, including personal experiences with the model.  
    2. Efforts to create domestic violence-informed child welfare systems
    3. ideas and concepts that would advance the application of perpetrator pattern-based approach to diverse populations
    4. Addressing gender double standards in  work with families
    5. Batterer intervention/men’s behavior change programming that focuses on perpetrators as parents
    6. Making visible the impact of perpetrator’s impact on child and family functioning

Be mindful of confidentiality as it relates to any specific case examples you might share.

For video submissions:

  1. Only submissions with good video quality will be considered.
  2. Video should no longer than  five minutes in length.
  3. Same content suggestions for a written submission apply.

What are the benefits of submitting a guest blog post?

  • You get to add your voice and experiences to the conversation about domestic violence informed child welfare systems.
  • Increased exposure for your work and ideas. The Safe and Together Institute has the following audience
    • in the first half of 2016:
      • 7,300 Twitter impressions in the first half of 2016
      • 8,000 website visitors with almost half of those visitors coming from outside the United States (Australia, and the UK being the majority)
      • 14,534 minutes watched on our SafeandTogetherModel Youtube channel (average watch time 4.27 minutes). Half those  minutes watched came from outside the United States.
    • In a recent 28 day period, we had a 8,700 person reach on our Facebook page (July to August 2016 28 day period)

And we only expect this to grow. 

*Safe and Together Institute reserves the right to edit all submissions for content and length.

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