Safe & Together™ Model
CORE Training

Helping children and families impacted by a domestic violence perpetrator’s behaviors takes skill and confidence. Safe & Together™ Model CORE Training offers both. By focusing on four key skills: assessment, interviewing, documentation and case planning, our experiential training provides the foundation for domestic violence-informed practice.

During 22 hours of lecture, group exercises, discussion and video, Safe & Together™ Model CORE Training provides participants with an improved understanding of:

  • Assessing perpetrators’ behavior patterns and their impact on child and family function.
  • Partnering with adult survivors of domestic violence to create safety and well-being, for both themselves and their children.
  • Interventions for perpetrators, working toward behavioral changes.

Safe & Together™ Model CORE Training is for those in child welfare; domestic violence advocates; mental health, substance abuse and other community service providers; batterer intervention or men’s behavior change staff; court and legal personnel; law enforcement; health and home visitors and others who work with families impacted by domestic violence. It is a prerequisite to becoming a Certified Trainer, a Safe & Together Model Coach, and other advanced trainings.

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