Safe & Together™ Model
Supervisor Training Crential

Registration opens April 1 for this new online course! As part of the Safe & Together™ Trainer Certification Program, add to your repertoire of training courses you can deliver. This is our first Credential offering (and we are just getting started!), so take your distance learning to the next level.

The Supervisor e-course allows Certified Trainers (and faculty) the opportunity to earn a “Credential” to deliver the 2- and 3-day Supervisor training curriculum. Certified Trainers will deepen their knowledge of the Model and enrich their training expertise. In addition, becoming “credentialed” in additional curricula will support your system’s change efforts, by offering additional specific or advanced training to their organization and communities which will support further domestic violence-informed practice shifts.

The Trainer Certification Program has currently equipped and coached 129 certified trainers in 5 countries across the globe to deliver our 4-day CORE training and 1-day Overview. Our goal is to ultimately support the work of organizations in moving systems toward more domestic violence-informed practices and policies, so we are providing additional tools and deeper knowledge of the Model’s most critical skill areas. Now Certified Trainers can obtain additional Credentials so that they can deliver new training to their organization and communities.

And, because the course is offered 100% online, you can obtain credentials at your own pace in small cohorts with a Faculty Instructor to support your learning. (Hint: Look for more credentialing opportunities in the future, too!!

Each Curriculum Credential E-Course will consist of the following key parts: 

  1. Video footage of faculty delivering curriculum;
  2. Downloadable handouts and trainer resources throughout the course; 
  3. Interactive learning within the e-course to deepen trainers’ knowledge of curriculum skills and content; 
  4. Interactive learning activities outside of the e-course with peers and Safe & Together Faculty instructor. 

This training is designed to provide a skills-oriented foundation for delivering the Safe & Together™ Supervisors Training content. The training is focused on moving fully certified trainers toward mastery in three competency areas: 

  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes related to connecting supervisory practice to the CORE concepts of the Safe & Together™ Model
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the Key Concepts for Domestic Violence-Informed Supervisory Practice
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the Supervisors Training Manual and related training activities.

As a result of the online Supervisor Certification Training, participants will be better able to:

  • Increase their ability and confidence in describing the various components of the Safe and Together™ Model and domestic violence-informed practice and the importance of these competencies to supervisory practice; 
  • Increase their ability and confidence in describing and coaching participants on the Key Concepts for domestic violence-informed supervisor practice including: coaching as an approach to supervision, worker safety issues, assessing workers’ practice, and providing case guidance and decision making; 
  • Increase their ability and confidence to describe and coach the main practice tools and apply them to supervisory work;
  • Develop and implement an action plan for improving their domestic violence-informed supervisor training skills.