At Safe & Together, there are certain things that are non-negotiable.

  • We set high standards for ourselves. We won’t settle for anything less than sustainable, real change: in systems and the safety and wellbeing of families.
  • We are compassionately honest and direct with our audiences about what they need to change and do to achieve their mission — from the frontline worker to the policy-makers.
  • Our work with fathers must be connected to positive outcomes for women and children.
  • We are committed to keeping children, whenever possible, safe and together with the adult survivor parent.

We believe in a perpetrator pattern-based approach for domestic violence involving children.

At Safe & Together, we use a perpetrator pattern-based framework that is informed by a gender analysis that informs every aspect of our work. It is a unique, comprehensive framework at the intersection of domestic violence and children.

We tackle the myth of “objective” or “gender neutral” practices, putting child healing, safety, stability, nurturance, rights, hopes and best interests at the center of our work. This means we support the survivors and do not allow the perpetrator to be invisible.

We focus on “how,” not just “what.”

Safe & Together makes sure you have the tools and practical skills to bring on transformational change in the lives you touch. Practical, how-to skills and focused trainings are grounded in real-world scenarios and experience.

We are committed to generosity of spirit, learning and relationships.

When we embrace the difficult questions, the fear, the challenges and concerns, we begin to break down the barriers and resistance that face a domestic violence-informed practice.

Good practice change and positive outcomes on all levels helps support the successes of professionals and families. We don’t just preach relational change, we live it. Our core values are: curiosity, openness and relationship. We want you to succeed. Because when you do, we all do.

We have broad U.S. and international experience.

When we say “you’re not alone,” we mean it. Safe & Together works with jurisdictions all over the world. One thing we’ve learned is that domestic violence issues are very similar, no matter what country. At the same time, we also know that localization is important — language, laws, culture and history differ from place to place. We work to learn the local context including the needs of your specific organization. We keep ourselves nimble to meet your needs. It’s in the core of who we are.

We have an intensive focus on the intersection of child welfare, child maltreatment and domestic violence.

Because we care about change, and the success of our clients, we specialize in the unique niche around domestic violence and child welfare. Safe & Together specifically provides expertise in child welfare domestic violence training, not just domestic violence training. The training focuses on behavioral changes to bring about real, lasting change — for the family, the organization or jurisdiction.

We are committed to teaching strengths-based change.

Safe & Together is committed to the health and wellbeing at all levels of our organization, in the lives of families, and in the practice of our client agencies.

We empathize with child welfare agencies and NGOs, so we approach our audience with a core value of respect and understanding. What does that look like? We encourage you forward in your journey, using a strengths-based approach and a willingness to meet you where you are. We are here for the duration, not just a single project.

We remain focused on the fundamentals.

We believe in the ability of individuals and systems to improve or change. We constantly measure our work against the question: Does this help the family be safer, stronger, healthier and more satisfied?

We embrace multiple truths, even when they appear to contradict one another, because we trust the Safe & Together process. If we stay true to our principles and best practices, the outcome will take care of itself.

We value closed-loop learning.

We stay connected, stay learning, stay thirsty. We value gathering information that helps monitor quality and model fidelity. Safe & Together continually reaches out to our audience to learn how they are using the material and how it needs to be updated to meet their changing needs.


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