The Safe & Together™ Model is about domestic violence in child welfare contexts. David Mandel talks about this model and his work with professionals in the field.

David Mandel (MA, LPC) has been working in the domestic violence field for 25 years. His international training and consulting focuses on improving systems’ responses to domestic violence when children are involved, and responsible fatherhood. He developed the Safe & Together Model to improve case practice and cross system collaboration in domestic violence cases involving children, and the Continuum of Practice Framework for promoting the development of domestic violence-informed child welfare systems. Currently he is piloting a model for engaging mothers and fathers about fathers’ roles in families.

David and his staff have consulted to United States’ child welfare systems including New York, Louisiana, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Vermont, Oregon and Ohio. This includes overseeing a statewide network of domestic violence consultants for the Connecticut Department of Children and Families; training domestic violence subject matter experts for Florida’s Department of Children and Families; improving collaboration between child welfare and domestic violence advocates in Colorado; and the development of a certified Safe & Together trainer network to support the roll out of differential response in all 88 Ohio county child welfare agencies. David Mandel & Associates collaborates with domestic violence agencies such as the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Ohio Domestic Violence Network. In 2012, David Mandel & Associates also provided training in the United Kingdom, Australia, the Republic of Ireland and Singapore. David has written journal articles on batterer’s perceptions of their children’s exposure to domestic violence and the intersection of domestic violence and child welfare practice. His chapter on Batterers and the lives of their children was published in the Praeger Series Violence against women in families and relationships.

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